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A short comedy visual novel about your lunch and a thief... both of which are hot.



  • 15-20 min playtime [3,915 words & 7 endings]
  • Tasty food art & drag/drop minigame!
  • Content warnings: screen shakes, voice blips, theft of personal items, office drama



  • z04 - Writer, Code
  • ota - Sprite, UI
  • sasa - Food Art, BG
  • anri - Editor

*If any problems or bugs occur, email us at studioclump@gmail.com.

Created for NaNoRenO 2022

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Apr 01, 2022
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(404 total ratings)
AuthorStudio Clump
GenreVisual Novel
Made withClip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Ren'Py
Tags2D, Anime, Comedy, Cute, Food, Funny, Multiple Endings, Short, Singleplayer, Slice Of Life
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Smartphone


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SomeoneStoleMYLUNCH-1.0-pc.zip 160 MB
SomeoneStoleMYLUNCH-1.0-mac.zip 126 MB
SomeoneStoleMYLUNCH-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 133 MB
com.studioclump.ssml-1.0-android.apk 142 MB
Credits 1 kB

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10/10 i love this game so much 


I feel stupid, but I extracted the zip folder and I don't know how to start the game lol


i loved the multiple endings! fun little game :p


i simply loved it! 10/10, delicious!!


all the endings were so hilarious OMG...love how we reconciled with our lunch thief. laughed throughout my whole playthrough <3

this is my favorite genre of office romance(?) and the food looks so scrumptious my stomach was grumbling so hard


wholesome ✨


My lunch has been stolen, antics arise! Loved this silly experience a lot!


Very fun game, played through multiple endings!


This game is so funny. Love the music and sound effects.

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-Made a Video (32:17 / 2nd Game).

"Great and funny game. I really like the design (especially the UI) that this game has."


I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but it was a pleasant surprise indeed 💕

God, I've been looking for a game that would make me giggle, and this one just took me on a whole roller coaster the whole way through. It's a plus how the art style was just bussin'

Please, I LOVE this. Your games are soooo funny and I cannot wait for what else you put out as a team. I genuinely am obsessed with how hilarious the "date" is. Amazing game, totally recommend playing.

where can I get the soundtracks from? Or is it not available for public use??


There's no law saying I can't put rat poison in *MY* lunch, yet you send me to prison while the thief goes free? #ACAB. Soon as I get out of prison I'm going after the security guard who ratted on me: snitches in ditches, bitches.

how do i download the game with linux?


I had fun playing this game. the different endings are hilarious!! if I were in the same situation as the mc, I would choose the option of eating my lunch in my cubicle, lol. ain't no way I would let even as handsome as Bo eat my specially made lunch! >:D

my def. fave ending is the give-up one lol

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This game was truly adorable! I loved all the little details like the hand coming out to steal the word lunch. It was really funny and I loved playing through all the endings. I loved the humor. Please keep making games!


I really enjoyed this game!! it was fun figuring out how to get the different endings, and the MC made it just as fun from their distinctive personality. (ps... I really appreciated this part because most often mc's have no personality, which is understandable because it's most often supposed to be a "self-insert.")

the art was really pretty too!! the color scheme was also nice on the eyes :) especially the food art pieces, those started to make me hungry...

overall, I really liked this game and props to the team for this!! 10/10 ^^

An absolute delight to play with really cute various endings and the most endearing enemy-to-lover plot!! My whole stream was having fun screaming about Bo and his antics!!


10/10 i am hungry


Reading the food descriptions was the absolute best part. I loved it to death and was very hungry in the end. It was difficult to read with a straight face, but everyone watching loved it. 

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Thank you for making the only visual novel ever

short and sweet, i like it !

Super fun with gorgeous art and now I'm really hungry! lol 

This was SO much fun to play! Great design and concept! Got plenty of laughs and chuckles out of me! I'd definitely recommend! Great job guys!

HI there, would you like me to translate your game into Esperanto for free? I'm just looking to help the Esperanto community out by getting some more games into the language.


Short, sweet, hilarious. This game has one concept and it executes it well. Had a blast playing with it and the art was soft and fit well with the mood.

bonitos gráficos y super divertida novela, la amé<3


cool game i like this game , maybe there is 7 ending right , so funny , the best novel game that i play

I had the absolute best time playing this! The visuals are stunning and the story is fantastic. I couldn't stop laughing! Highly recommend!

Because of the simple premise, I didn't expect the game to be SO well done! The art, music and writing are so good, great job!

It was super fun to past the time and the interactions were funny too. 

Absolutely HILARIOUS! 11/10 would recommend, except if you happen to be hungry.


Amazing game. Never  😑🤦d so hard at a game's ending before. Tenouttaten


srs feedback, the message composition sections could make it clearer that you need to drag the words, took me a while to figure that out


this shit was so fucking cute I was literally dying at that wax food part 



PS. I was literally pounding my fist into the ground and almost blacked out laughing at Bo's full name. Incredible work.

rellly cute game

I love ending 7, if you know you know, amazing game

(1 edit) (+3)

Honestly, thank you so much for making this game. I haven't felt this angry in years, which lead me to realise I might not be suitable for office or customer service jobs at all. Thank you for driving me away from an unsuitable career path.
Also, I tried poisoning him first, so that's fun. 

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